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America’s Call (John Bernhard's first non fiction book) is based on the journal that John Bernhard used to chronicle his trip to North America during the late 1970s. It is the story of two young friends on a New World walkabout, questing to discover their destinies and their souls during a quintessential time in U.S. history. The beauty of America’s Call lies in Bernhard’s visual depictions of 1970s America, the various destinations that make up his journey, and the people he meets along the way. Bernhard offers a sense of adventure and curiosity reminiscent of the vanished era he describes, and introduces those of us who missed it to a bygone America that we can only hope will not be forgotten.

“I had dreamt of traveling to the New World for as long as I could remember. I had filled my imagination with the romance of exploration until it overflowed with wild curiosity. When I left Europe on my journey, I did so without a definite destination. I knew only that I wanted to discover as much of North America as I could, from Canada to the U.S., from Alberta’s Rockies to California’s beaches. I wanted to see it all. When I think of America as it was 30 years ago, I conjure fond memories of a nation and a culture that no longer exists. My story is the recollection of a journey of personal discovery that took place at the end of a very special era. So much has changed in my adopted country since then. Although the American dreams that filled my youth are long gone, the affectionate memories remain. Like a photograph, this book is a snapshot of that time.” Produced in a hardcover clothbound & dust jacket with 272 pages. with text only, 6”x9".

Published by Dog Ear Publishing / 2011

ISBN# 978-145750-001-5

Hard cover: $ 29.95 Shipping U.S. $ 12




Body Work is the first complete collection of Bernhard’s finest nudes featuring images from his early explorations – from his seldom seen early Skindream series to the transformation imagery of his best-known series Metamorphs. His latest work Bodily Change is published here for the first time. Produced in a hardcover clothbound & dust jacket with 160 pages. with 57 color plates and 53 duotones, 8”x10". Limited edition of fifty copies.

Published by Elite Editions / 2009
ISBN # 0-9749022-3-3

Limited Edition $ 100  Shipping U.S. $ 24




Traveling and wandering across China over a five years period, John Bernhard captured images that reveal an intimate, almost surreal portrait of a China in transition. Bernhard’s photographs, with their subtle softness and diffused lighting, bring out a delicate dreamlike beauty that is profoundly engaging. There are two series of color and black and white images in this book, along with a personal introduction by John Bernhard.
"My challenge as a photographer was to develop a personal point of view.
In recording my experiences and emotions of China’s new history in the making,
I captured still images which indicate a movement through time. They show work, leisure, consumerism, solitude, alienation and redemption and emphasize people interaction with themselves and their environment." Produced in a hardcover clothbound & dust jacket with 120 pages, 43 color plates and 43 duotones, 8”x10".

Published by Elite Editions / 2008
ISBN # 0-9749022-2-5

Trade Edition $ 68  Shipping U.S. $ 12



This book is a visual journey, like a musical score, a personal diary, a compilation of images captured from the way John Bernhard sees the world. The readers’ eyes wander from one page to the next through a poetic visual narration from different subject matter and aesthetic sensibilities. Drift sets the mood of the book, a steady continuous movement or development from one thing, one place toward another.

All 208 images are meant to be viewed in the chosen order starting from page one. The sensation of drift comes from that order.

“In producing drift, I have attempted to present the book much like a film, engaging the reader in reflection, observation and understanding. I am interested in the connection and the dialog between images.” Produced in a softcover (6” x 8 1/4”) the book has 288 pages with 208 plates printed as duotones under the supervision of the artist.

Published by Elite Editions / 2006
ISBN # 0-9749022-1-7

Trade Edition $ 25  Shipping U.S. $ 12



A 20 Years Retrospective.
This book accompanied the 2004 exhibition at the Musée des Suisses dans le Monde in Geneva, Switzerland. Produced in a hardcover clothbound & dust jacket (8” x 10”) the book has 192 pages with 165 duotones printed under the supervision of the artist. Text in English, French, German and Italian.

Preface by William Ewing

Published by Editions de Penthes / 2004
ISBN # 2-9700395-3-2

Trade Edition $ 25  Shipping U.S. $ 12




Produced in a hardcover clothbound & dust jacket with 104 pp., 86 duotones, 12¾x13½". Bringing photographs together with the diptych venue enhances the images' interaction and often produces ambiguous feelings. As viewers, we are drawn in by the discovery. This book presents a challenge to the viewer to establish a personal connection of ideas, emotions, and references - both visual and intellectual - through the subtle pairing of his photographs.

“His diptychs best demonstrate his open spirit and all show a curious mind willing to share its enthusiasm with the world.” WILLIAM EWING

Recipient of the 2004 Bronze Award
from the International Gallery of Superb Printing Competition.
Text in English, French, German and Spanish

Published by Elite Editions / 2004
ISBN # 0-9749022-0-9

Trade Edition $ 55  Shipping U.S. $ 12



Produced in a softbound Trade Edition and a Limited Edition. The book has forty-eight black and white photographs reproduced in duotones in this book under the supervision of the artist, with personal excerpts from John Bernhard’s diary and an introduction by Father Marco Dessy Perria. All proceeds from the sale of this book contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the Nicaraguan children. Printed in USA

Published by The Nicaraguan Children Texas Benefit Fund / 2002
ISBN 0-9719116-0-6

Trade Edition $ 35  Shipping U.S. $ 12




Produced in a hardcover clothbound & dust jacket, Trade Edition and a Limited Museum Edition of 100. (11 1/4” x 12 1/4”) Each limited edition book is numbered, signed, and accompanied by an original, signed 11”x14” giclee print, printed on a 16”x 20”, 47 lb. acid free premium matte coated paper. The book has 108 pages with 81 plates printed as duotones under the supervision of the artist. Museum Edition $ 550. Printed in USA.

Published by Emco Press / 2000
ISBN 0-9673286-1-6

Trade Edition $ 55  Shipping U.S. $ 12




Follow Bernhard’s unique approach to the nude figure. To Bernhard, the human body is an unexplored terrain. He approaches it with the eye of an adventurer, discovering new possibilities at every curve and turn, infusing the figure with new meaning.” Sydney Gilbert, ARTSPEAK Magazine, NY. Nudes contains five portfolio series: Overview, Stone, Wood, Transformation and Skindream. 5 mini books with 28 duotones and seven color plates printed on matte paper, all in a slipcase.

Published by DeFrog Gallery / 1999

Trade Edition $ 12  Shipping U.S. $ 8




An elegant hardback coffee table book, linen cover with debossed and tipped on photograph with 82 pages with 64 duotones. 9 1/2”x14 1/2”

Published by DeFrog Gallery / 2003

Limited Edition $ 75  Shipping U.S. $ 15  Sold Out




An exquisite hardback coffee table book, bound with SILTOUCH™ - a velvety soft like leather, with 120 pages which features 56 Polo scenes in watercolor reproductions printed 200 line screen on silk feel 100# stock. 10 1/4”x14”

Published by DeFrog Gallery / 2002

Limited Edition $ 135  Shipping U.S. $ 15  Sold Out



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