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N U D E S  M E T A M O R P H S
The Phantasm of the Transformation

This series emerged from a commercial assignment when I was projecting images on a white cylinder. The result pleased me so much that I decided to try this new technique on a female body. I chose elements of the earth as my main overlay and started searching for a transformation. We all go through transformations whether we are conscious of it or not. When the realization gets right in your face, it becomes intriguing and almost scary. That is this emotion that I am seeking. I admit that
I am trying to elicit certain mixed emotions, I expect the viewer to have conflicting emotions.

When the viewer’s mind is opened by the conflict of two very different visions held in a single image, the mind works deeper into itself and further along the path of discovery into the common relationship of our mutual transformations: as we change, so does our world, and vice versa. The meaning of the resulting art is ambiguous and takes different forms, but I hope people can feel and identify with these images that point beyond themselves and ultimately mirror the contradictions of ourselves.
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  © Copyright 2006. John Bernhard. All Rights Reserved.