A work made up of two matching parts

I was ransacking through my library files when I came across these two photographs (plate 24) and was struck by their similarities. Both have the arms up, leaving the right hands in the frame and placing the subject slightly to the left. I wondered why I was prompted to take these photos, and I began the mission of looking through the entire body of my work. I was so excited to find that different subjects were approached using similar compositions and moods that I pursued my search for more than three years.

I wanted to convey a feeling of discovery and gratification but realized that some of the photographs gave a sense of tension as if the subjects were in opposition. The interaction of the two images often produces ambiguous feelings. In the creation of an image, I believe that we react in a field of association with repetitions, analogies and duplicities. In any given situation - from time to time, place to place, and subject to subject - the image maker will subconsciously encounter similar approaches. Intuitive action brings the affinity of the subject matter to a new level of significance. This series of diptychs constitutes an excellent demonstration of the use of repetition in idea or in form when moods are analogous.
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