SkindreamEtat d'AmeBodily Change


B O D I L Y   C H A N G E
The suggestion of altered body.

Born from “Skindream”, a forgotten series, more than 10 years old, mixed with a marriage of other series like “Metamorphs” and “Evanescence”. Its like reawakening a concept and pushing the spark. This conception which was asleep become richer and reached maturity. A research never abandoned, pushed by an incredible desire to explore the intricate interplay and change of the human body within its environment.

There is no limit to my conceptual and creative ingenuity, I arrange colors, objects and textures in layers like paint on canvas. I use superposition and projection to transform the body into an imagery reminiscent of a dream. I also use backgrounds made or found as overlay to the nude bodies. The body breaks free of its own material constraint. It dissolves into nature and metamorphoses into mystic human or abstract forms.

P R O C E S S   S T A T E M E N T
My photographic work derives from the studio where I photograph the model with controlled strobes mixed with projections of photographs previously taken of elements of the earth. Then in the darkroom I print my photographs conventionally by hand. This work is then scanned into the computer along with color background textures I found, photographed or painted. The final multi-layered image is printed out on Condor Brite White photo rag 325 gsm using archival inks.

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