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C H I N A 

On my first trip to China I became fascinated with the Chinese culture. I was overwhelmed by the characters of a people who exhibited an incredible tolerance for the contradiction of life in which they live. They are dealing with an outdated communist system while capitalism dictates the evolution they are currently experiencing. I fell in love with their positive attitude towards this and felt transplanted in time to the American industrial revolution of the 1900’s.

My challenge as a photographer was to develop a personal point of view. In recording my experiences and emotions of China’s new history in the making, I captured still images which indicate a movement through time. I worked to capture the essence of transition of this multifaceted country. In doing so, I witnessed the euphoric drive and fast pace of an Asian society working to achieve its prospects in the new millennium. The Chinese have a genuine conviction that their day is coming. However, is this transformation positive if it is only an absurd reflection of a materialistic world? In this body of work, reality vanishes and dissipates - intentional or unintentional - an intricate process, but indispensable to the transformation of China.

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