Drift is a visual journey, like a musical score, a personal diary, a compilation of images captured from the way I see the world around me. Images include cityscape, landscape, people, side-walk scenes, shadows and reflections. They show work, leisure, consumerism, solitude, alienation and redemption. Also, a series of people with cameras and various self-portraits elevate the voyeurism aspect of the moment. It forces us to reflect on how we, as people, exist and coexist within our world. As Konrad Lorenz put it, “Man’s race against himself is blinding people to all real values and robbing them of time for the genuinely human activity of reflection.”

I am interested in the connection and the dialog of the images and my ultimate goal was to produce a book.

Drift sets the mood of the book, a steady continuous movement or development from one thing, one place toward another. In producing drift, I have attempted to present the photographs in a sequence much like a film, engaging the reader in reflection, observation and understanding. The pictures are about creating narrative relations, they act as the starting point for a process of seeing.

As a photographer, I create still images but I have recognized that my creative process is not complete with a single photograph. The book form allows me to give a deeper meaning and a distinctive shape to a body of work by controlling the space, order and flow of the images.

These photographs are only a small glimpse from the 208 images published in the book
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